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Mortgage and Loan Program Services in Rocklin, CA

The best borrowers are those that can offer help in any situation. That is why we provide as many affordable programs as we do.
Contact us if you need a new home, are starting a business, or need assistance. We offer everything you need to finance your property and real estate purchases.
We assist borrowers with home loans, commercial property, and other lending needs. Contact us to learn more about all our services, such as:
● Conventional Mortgage
● Non-Conventional Mortgage
● FHA Loans
● VA Home Loans
● USDA Home Loans
● Down Payment Assistance
● Hard Money Loans
● Mobile Home Loans
● New Community Mortgage Program
● And other financing solutions.
Affordable Lending Options!
Fannie Mae’s “HomeReady” and Freddie Mac’s “HomePossible” mortgage products help borrowers with low to moderate income, purchase and/or refinance a home. The product offers a reduced down payment and a lower interest rate with reduced mortgage insurance requirements (when compared to the traditional conventional product).

These programs are ideal if you
• Are a first-time or repeat buyer
• Have a 620-credit score or higher
• Have limited cash for a down payment
• Earn a salary less than or equal to 80% of the area median income
• Have supplemental income from a tenant

Contact me today to see if you qualify!
Whatever you need from us, we guarantee your most reliable lenders. See why borrowers throughout Rocklin prefer us for their financial services.

Conventional Loan


The traditional fixed rate mortgage is the most common type of loan program, where monthly principal and interest payments never change during the life of the loan.
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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARM)s

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARM)s are loans whose interest rate can vary during the loan's term. These loans usually have a fixed interest rate for an initial period of time.
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Conventional Loan


FHA home loans are mortgage loans that are insured against default by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). FHA loans are available for single family and multifamily homes.
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The VA Loan provides veterans with a federally guaranteed home loan which requires no down payment. This program was designed to provide housing and assistance for veterans and their families.
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A USDA loan is another federally insured loan option for homes in rural areas. Buyers who have low to moderate income are eligible to apply for 100% financing for to purchase their primary residence.
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Amazing service from Marissa, and our realtor said "wow she's is so fast and responsive" and we thought so too! Efficient process and honest feedback with truthful answers to all of our questions, couldn't ask for a better experience!  
Tom and Joan A.


(916) 600-3179
5800 Stanford Ranch Rd. #320, Rocklin, CA 95765
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